Proposed Collaboration and Securing of Certain U.S. Commercial Rights to Tudorza® and Duaklir® from AstraZeneca

17 March 2017


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Circassia Pharmaceuticals plc

 Proposed Collaboration and Securing of Certain U.S. Commercial Rights to Tudorza® and Duaklir® from AstraZeneca for Consideration of up to US$230 Million (including US$50 Million in Ordinary Shares (the “Consideration Shares”) on Completion) plus future royalties based on Duaklir® sales (the “Transaction”)


  • Circassia Pharmaceuticals plc (“Circassia” or the “Company”), a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on respiratory disease and allergy, has reached agreement with AstraZeneca to enter into a collaboration and secure certain U.S. commercial rights to two chronic obstructive pulmonary disease products, Tudorza® and Duaklir®*, for a maximum total consideration of US$230 million, plus future sales based royalties upon the commercialisation of Duaklir® in the United States, following potential approval.
  • The Transaction provides an opportunity to transform Circassia’s product portfolio and commercial presence.
  • The Products represent a clear strategic fit with Circassia’s focus on respiratory medicines and will leverage and enhance Circassia’s commercial infrastructure.
  • Tudorza® is approved in the United States and approximately 60 further countries around the world; total AstraZeneca revenues related to worldwide sales of the product were US$170 million in 2016, of which US$80 million was in the United States.
  • Duaklir® is in phase III development in the United States for the treatment of COPD; it was initially approved in the European Union in 2014 and is approved in approximately 50 countries worldwide.
  • The Transaction will support the immediate expansion of the Company’s commercial infrastructure in the United States, positioning Circassia for future product acquisition and in-licensing opportunities.
  • The consideration will be structured as follows:
    • Circassia will issue Ordinary Shares with a value of US$50 million to AstraZeneca on completion of the Transaction;
    • Circassia will pay AstraZeneca deferred non-contingent consideration of US$100 million on the earlier of: (i) 30 June 2019; and (ii) the approval of Duaklir® by the FDA;
    • Circassia will initially enter a commercial collaboration and profit share arrangement with AstraZeneca for Tudorza® in the United States. Based on the sales performance of Tudorza® in a twelve month period ending no earlier than 30 September 2018, or if Duaklir® gains FDA approval before 31 December 2019, Circassia will have the option to secure the remaining commercial rights and economic benefits of Tudorza® in the inhaled administration for all respiratory indications (the “Field”) in the United States (the “Tudorza® Option”). If the Tudorza® Option is taken, Circassia will make further payments to AstraZeneca of up to US$80 million dependent on the level of Tudorza®’s sales within the United States;
    • Circassia intends to fund the deferred and contingent consideration through third-party financing;
    • Circassia will pay royalties to AstraZeneca on sales of Duaklir® in the United States, following potential approval; and
    • Circassia will make R&D contributions of up to US$62.5 million payable to AstraZeneca as deferred payments, which the Company intends to fund through its returns from the commercial collaboration and profit share with AstraZeneca.
  • The Transaction structure allows Circassia to accrue the benefits of a broader product portfolio as well as significant infrastructure expansion with no funding requirement anticipated from Circassia shareholders.
  • The Transaction is anticipated to be earnings enhancing for Circassia after one year and broadly cash neutral for three years, then cash generative.

Due to its size, the Transaction constitutes a Class 1 transaction for the Company under the Listing Rules and is therefore subject to the approval of Shareholders. A combined prospectus and circular containing further details of the proposed Transaction and containing the notice convening a general meeting to consider a resolution to approve the Transaction will be sent to Shareholders as soon as practicable. This summary should be read in conjunction with the full text of this announcement.

Steve Harris, Chief Executive of Circassia, said:
“This proposed transaction is an ideal fit with Circassia’s strategy and respiratory focus. It represents a transformational opportunity for the Company, doubling the number of marketed products in our portfolio, with the potential to triple the current number within two years.  Through an initial commercial collaboration with AstraZeneca, we plan to double our U.S. sales force to promote Tudorza® as our priority, as well as our existing NIOX® products, transforming Circassia into a world-class respiratory business positioned for future in-licensing and M&A.  In addition, the transaction structure is highly attractive, allowing us to fund the consideration without further investment anticipated from shareholders, while at the same time welcoming AstraZeneca to our share register.”

Mark Mallon, Executive Vice President, Global Product & Portfolio Strategy at AstraZeneca, said:
“Tudorza and Duaklir are important components of AstraZeneca’s respiratory franchise globally and this collaboration will support their commercialisation in the US for the benefit of the millions of COPD patients. It also further sharpens our focus on Symbicort, Bevespi Aerosphere, benralizumab and other respiratory development programmes. Circassia will be an important strategic partner for AstraZeneca in the US and we look forward to working closely together.”

This announcement is released by Circassia Pharmaceuticals plc and contains inside information for the purpose of Article 7 of the Market Abuse Regulation (EU) 596/2014 (MAR), encompassing information relating to the Transaction, and is disclosed in accordance with the Company’s obligations under Article 17 of MAR.

For the purposes of MAR and Article 2 of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1055, this announcement is being made on behalf of the Company by Julien Cotta, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary.

*Duaklir® is a registered trademark in certain European countries; the U.S. trademark is to be confirmed
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Circassia is a specialty pharmaceutical business with established commercial infrastructure, marketed products and a portfolio of particle-engineered treatments targeting major market opportunities. Circassia sells its novel, market-leading NIOX® asthma management products directly to specialists in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. Its products are also promoted in a number of other countries by the Company’s network of partners.

Circassia’s broad-based development pipeline includes a range of respiratory medicines. The Company’s lead asthma treatment, Fliveo®, targets substitution of GSK’s Flixotide® pMDI and is approved in the UK.  Circassia is also developing a direct substitute for Seretide® pMDI, Seriveo®.  In addition, the Company’s pipeline includes a number of inhaled medicines for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, including single and combination dose products.  For more information on Circassia please visit


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