Responsible Disclosures

At NIOX® we understand the importance of Cyber Security. As a business, collectively, we continually monitor cyber security threats and implement procedures to counteract any breaches. Whenever we create, update or release a product, we endeavour to integrate cybersecurity protection policies and techniques.

Discovering a vulnerability

If you happen to discover a vulnerability in one of our products, websites, digital software or company email’s we would like you to report it. This will enable us to better protect our customers and systems and to correct any issues causing the vulnerability.

Please complete the following steps to report the vulnerability:

  • Report your findings to
  • Please include the product, website, software or email where you have discovered the vulnerability as well as any associated URL’s, error codes or attachments.
  • Please include a description of how you discovered the vulnerability and any additional information around this specific vulnerability.  
  • If you are open to communicate on this specific issue, please provide contact details to allow us to reach out with any additional questions.

We ask you do not:

By reporting the vulnerability directly to NIOX®, we promise to respond quickly and to handle your cooperation in a secure manner. We will not disclose your data to any third parties unless we are legally obligated to do so.

We continually work to resolve issues as quickly as possible and thank you for your cooperation in making NIOX® and its products even safer.